5 Ways To Help Heal Chronic Illness


chronic illness



Many People have been surfer from that chronic illnes, Tipsvibe.com have brought you some of the things, grounded in science that can change your health: Read Bellow

1. I Ditched The Deadlines
I was working as a news journalist at the time I first got sick. I was on hourly deadlines and my stress response was constantly being activated.

After interviewing Dr. Craig Hassed from Monash University, I realized that stress is a human response designed to save our lives but in modern times, our brain is sending alarm signals despite there being no real danger. The result is a dangerous level of hormones and chemicals that in the long term can result in allostatic load, which has been linked to impaired immunity, type-2 diabetes, obesity, hypertension and atrophy of nerve cells in your brain.

Stress is bad for you. Who would have thought?

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