Omg! Meet the 18-year-old Boy Who Has a 7-inch Tail Growing on His Buttocks Since Birth (Photos)


MAHARASHTRA , INDIA - OCTOBER, 03, 2016 : Before surgery picture of 18-year-old boy having 18 cm long tail, at Government Super Specialty Hospital (SSH) in Maharashtra, India. A team of neurosurgeons have successfully removed the longest recorded tail (18-cm long) from from the back of a 18-year-old boy after its abnormal growth turned painful for him. As per the doctors, the tail had grown from the posterior end of the body on the back of the boy. Pictures Supplied by : Cover Asia Press



A teenage boy who had a tail growing above his buttocks, a thing which caused him grief, has finally had some respite.This is the Indian teenager who has had a 7-inch tail growing on his buttocks since he was just a little child.The deformity has reportedly caused him serious back pains and discomfort over the years.

He was even being worshipped as a monkey god in his village because of the condition.

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