Image result for 12 Nail Shapes That Are Worth TryingJust when you thought you had a solid grasp on the nail industry, this article gets shoved in your face. Don’t worry, you’re not alone! I had no idea there were so many different nail shape possibilities. When it comes to anything related to nails, I’m as vanilla as you can get. Most of the time, I sport a natural, bare nail look, and if I manage to find time to slap on a coat of polish, it’s one simple, traditional color. I certainly learned a thing or two from this article, and I hope you will too!

1. Round
This nail shape works best for those of you wanting to keep your manicures short. One of the benefits of a round tip is it’s harder to chip because there aren’t any ridged edges to catch on things.


2. Square
This is a very common, popular style that is perfect for French manicures. It works best for individuals looking to maintain a medium or long nail length.

3. Stiletto
Anyone wishing to elongate shorter fingers tend to gravitate toward this style. These nails are insanely long, and not very practical, but if you can rock it, go ahead and do so!

4. Almond
Like the Stiletto shape, Almond nails lengthen and slenderize fingers. However, because this look requires extensive filing along each side of the nail, it is a very weak shape and can easily break.

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