15 Shocking S3X Traditions and Practices That You Won’t Believe it Exist


Séxual intercourse can be regarded as one of the most curious part of life.
While some people attach spirituality to the act, others have some very interesting rules for when and how to have séx.


Check out some of the most shocking séxual practices around the world:
1. Adolescénts allowed to have séx

In Polynesia, adolescents of are instructed in séxual techniques by an older experienced person, and during this period, it is permissible to have numerous séxual liaísons before settling down. Special “pléasure houses” are built to provide young people with their own place to socialize and have intercourse.

2. Premarital séx allowed after parents approval

The inhabitants of Tonga (South Pacific) allow premarital intercourse with permission of the girl’s parents and the provision that conception won’t occur. If pregnancy occurs, the offending couple must walk around the village naked for several days and apply a magic potion to the fence surrounding the community to prevent disease from infecting people.

3. Six-year-old girls allowed to have séx
In Trobrianders tribe, Papua New Guinea, girls begin to have séx at the age of 6-8 and

boys at the age of 10-12. However, having a meal together before marriage is forbidden.
4. Widow inheritance

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