Here Are 5 Terrifying Things That Will Happen to Your P*nis as You Age


Here Are 5 Terrifying Things That Will Happen to Your P*nis as You Age
According to a article by The Sun, here are some side effects of which in one way or the other will affect your p*nis. Having knowledge of this will help you understand and absolve the shock.
1. It’s going to shrink
That’s probably not the news you were hoping for, but sometimes it’s best to get straight to the heart of the matter.
On the plus side, if you’ve been worried your member it looking a little smaller than it used to it’s probably not your imagination.
This happens because as you age more cells in the downstairs are swapped for collagen, which isn’t as elastic. That means things are tauter, so it can give the appearance of your penis being smaller.
On top of that, testosterone decreases as we age so your manhood will actually shrink, plus if you fall victim to the dreaded middle-aged spread it’s going to look smaller anyway.
2. The shape might change
Penises come in all shapes and sizes, but as time wears on you might find yours alters slightly.
It’s very common for older men to have slightly curved members, and it’s all due to a build-up of tiny accidents.
Small injuries can cause scar tissue to be created, and the more of that you get the more likelihood of things starting to bend.
So you could argue a wonky willy is the sign of a pretty fun life.

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