Abandoned, Choice & More: 8 Top Reasons Women End Up Being Single Moms

Abandoned, Choice & More: 8 Top Reasons Women End Up Being Single Moms

Some people’s perceptions of single mothers are stereotyped because single motherhood is still“outside the ideal norm,”thus it is“bad”for the society.
No matter what a single mother does, people judge her as being incapable of bringing up a child because they think being a single parent itself, is a bad influence on her children.
She should have a partner to make her family complete, otherwise; her kids will end up being troublemakers, and will contribute nothing good to the society as well. However, this is absolutely isn’t true at all.
There are a lot of factors associated with single motherhood. Let’s try to dig into it one by one. The following reasons are randomly picked based on some of the single mother’s testimonies regarding their status.
1. Unplanned Pregnancy
Most couples who are dating, never discuss “parenting,” unless they both want to get seriously involved with each other by having a baby. Most often than not, getting a girl pregnant is out of the plan. The guy merely leaves the pregnant girlfriend on her own, and she may or may not get support from the father of her child.
2. Abandoned by their partners
Some men are willing to stay and live with a woman but are not ready for responsibility such as parenthood. Thus, once they get their partners pregnant, they totally vanish and not even willing to support them.
3. Abusive partners
When a woman has an abusive partner, she is left with no other choice but to decide to give up the man she’s living with to save herself and or her kids.
4. Addiction with drugs or alcohol
No one wants to stay with a man who is addicted to vices such as drugs or alcohol. A man with alcohol problem or is drug addict is just another reason why some women end up raising their kids alone. You would not want your children to live everyday seeing their father always drunk and being violent, or have your kids witness how their father is hooked with drugs.
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