Abandoned, Choice & More: 8 Top Reasons Women End Up Being Single Moms

5. A Cheater Partner
Some women can tolerate a man’s infidelity, believing that to fool around is only natural to men as they are “polygamous by nature.” This, however, does not work with other women who prefer to make a choice to split with their partners and choose to become the sole parent for their kids.
6. Divorced
Whatever happens with the marriage, if both parties decided to end their relationship legally, the wife usually ends up being the one to take care of the kids.
7. Teenage pregnancy
This problem is becoming rampant due to some underlying factors as well. When a teenager gets pregnant, more or less the tendency is to ask help from their parents or move out from home to live on their own only to realize later, that the supposed father of their child is not responsible enough to stand by them. Hence, they end up being a struggling single mom.
8. By Choice
Strong women believe that they can raise a child by themselves without having a man by their side. Whether or not the society accepts this, for them, being a good parent does not necessarily mean you need to have a man to help you raise kids. It’s a personal choice.
Being a single mother is a label that should not be laughed at, scrutinized, or looked down. Single mothers need a lot of understanding, solid support systems, and a strong faith in GOD that they will be able to go through this challenge.
After all, a good mother is a good mother, whether or not she is married.


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