Why are so many moms and babies dying in Texas?

Why are so many moms and babies dying in Texas?

The Texas Legislature has returned to Austin for its special session, and now their results are a matter of life and death. While legislators are working on keeping state agencies in operation, continuing the discussion about the controversial “bathroom bill” and examining everything from local tree ordinances to public school finance, they will also, at Gov. Greg Abbott’s direction, examine why Texas is a disproportionately lethal place for moms, especially African-American moms.

The facts may surprise many Texans: Mothers in much of the developing world have lower maternal mortality rates than African-American moms in first-world Texas. Abbott is to be commended for including this examination of maternal mortality in his directive to the Texas Legislature’s special session, but the unexplained skyrocketing of maternal mortality is only part of the picture.

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