Iodine Shortage To Blame For Your Thyroid Woes?


My first acquaintance with iodine came many, many years ago, as a rambunctious little kid who was no stranger to cuts and scrapes. Thankfully my mother was prepared. She always kept a good supply of topical iodine on hand and liberally used it to decorate my arms and legs with ugly brown streaks.


It was much later that I learned about the iodine that works its magic inside your body — and what happens when you don’t have enough.

Iodine deficiency is the world’s No. 1 cause of hypothyroidism — in other words, an under-active thyroid. It’s a condition that may affect as many as 59 million Americans. That’s more than the populations of California and New York combined! And while it’s more than the number affected with diabetes, it’s less frequently diagnosed.

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