Simple Habits That Harm Your Teeth

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“Your teeth are a complex system that you rely on extensively throughout the day, be it flashing a pretty smile or enjoying a meal, you need a healthy set of teeth”. Caring for your teeth starts with learning how to keep bacteria and plaque from your mouth so you don’t erode your teeth enamel.

“Dental health should be catered to as ensuring it’s in top shape helps keep teeth sparkling white, avoid cavities and ensure teeth are/stay strong without a risk of decaying”. That is why you need to learn how to care for your teeth, below are few steps to avoid permanent damage to your teeth.x


Avoid brushing immediately after eating: You don’t need to brush your teeth immediately after eating or drinking an acidic drink because this may cause the softening of the enamel. “Give your teeth some rest for about an hour or you would just cause tooth wear”.

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Do not brush vigorously: Brushing your teeth vigorously is more harmful than you will ever think, you may think brushing your teeth hard will scrub away the remnants of food you have eaten but it will only weaken your tooth’s enamel.

Avoid swimming in chlorinated pools often: “The harsh chemicals and chlorine in swimming pools has been found to be corrosive to tooth enamel over time, if you still go swimming often, just avoid taking the water into your mouth”.

Avoid eating all through the day: If you are the type that loves chewing all day long it will only jeopardise your teeth. “To maintain dental hygiene, you need brush and floss daily to remove damaging acids, immediately rinse your mouth with water after eating or drinking anything”.


Stop gritting and grinding your teeth: We all grit our teeth when stressed or unconsciously, avoid gritting your teeth  as it will wear down your teeth.

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