20 Of The Best Foods High In Vitamin E (SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN)

20 Of The Best Foods High In Vitamin E (SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN)

How to Find Foods High in Vitamin E

Vitamin E in foods comes in many forms and types; there are 8 known types.


The two main categories of vitamin E are tocopherols and tocotrienols.  They both function to reduce damage from toxins in the body, including free radicals.

The tocotrienols are better at getting into the cell than tocopherols, and therefore may have stronger effects at reducing cancer risk than the tocopherol types of vitamin E.[1]  They also may help protect neurons from toxins, such as glutamate.[2][3]

Animal studies show that tocotrienols may help protect from stroke-induced injuries, diabetes, osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease.[4][5][6]

Tocotrienol Food Sources:

Tocotrienol-rich foods include the following amounts per 100 g (unless otherwise specified)[7][8]:

  • Annatto seeds 140 mg
  • Palm oil: 204 mg/L
  • Rice bran 26 mg
  • Paprika 4 mg
  • Chili powder 3 mg
  • Wasabi peas 3 mg
  • Pistachios 3 mg
  • Oat bran 2 mg
  • Coconut oil 2 mg

Tocopherol Food Sources:

Alpha tocopherol rich foods include the following amounts per 100 g[9]:

  • Wheat germ 149 mg
  • Sunflower seeds 36 mg
  • Almonds 26 mg
  • Curry powder 25 mg
  • Oregano, dried 18 mg
  • Hazelnuts 16 mg
  • Mixed nuts 14 mg
  • Pine nuts 9 mg
  • Brazil nuts 8 mg
  • Peanuts 8 mg

What is Vitamin E?

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