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7 Oct 2016

19 Names You Won’t Believe People Gave Their Babies In 2016

BabyCenter recently released its annual baby naming survey, which collected the names of more than 340,000 babies born in 2015. Among the popular names like Sophia and Jacksonwere these unusual ones, each of which were bestowed upon
23 Sep 2016

14 Signs You Might Be Pregnant, You Should Never Ignore #6.

My mom said she knew I was pregnant both times before I did. It was the little, subtle things that she swears were sure signs I was expecting. Developing a new dislike to certain foods and the
27 Jul 2016

Giving birth: Everything You Need To Know Before Labour Day

  A home birth or a hospital? Birthing pool or bed? Drugs or no drugs? Having a baby is a challenge enough without all the options in this great age of choice. So what’s best for you?
16 Jul 2016

Proven Methods To Get Pregnant With Twins Quickly And Naturally

Each lady yearnings to bring forth a solid child. It is such a mind-boggling background for the moms which can’t be communicated in words. Besides getting considered with twin children is similar to a cherry on the
28 Jun 2016

Why Does My Vagina Smell?… See Reason Here!

Feminine issues happen to most women, but even though they are common, it can still be embarrassing for those suffering from odor. It can make a woman feel gross and unclean when that is not the case
23 Jun 2016

Best Ways To Get Pregnant With Twins Naturally

Babies are the biggest asset for every women.Getting pregnant after marriage is such an overwhelming for almost all women who are wishing for a parenting role,that too getting conceive with twin babies are like flying in the
20 Jun 2016

9 Common Miscarriage Causes You Need to Know

A miscarriage, often referred to as a “spontaneous abortion,” describes the loss of a pregnancy, usually occurring within the first 20 weeks. About 80 percent of all miscarriages happen before the completion of the first trimester. Research
11 Jun 2016

Baby Dancing Inside Mom’s Belly Caught On Tape And It’s Amazingly Freaky

Being pregnant itself gives a lot of happiness to every mother, but it adds an amazing feeling, that feeling of excitement and wonder, when a baby moves inside the belly for the first time.  Continue Reading
9 Jun 2016


Have you met someone who’s irresistibly charming? Do you feel they may be “the one”? For a loving bond to endure, partners need to have certain traits. Here’s how to know if your heartthrob has what it
26 May 2016

Where do men’s sp*rms go in the female body during s*x when a girl doesn’t have a uterus?

As i know that when men and female do s*x at that time sp*rms thrown into woman uterus. but what happen if uterus is removed because of medical reason? what should men need to take care during
23 May 2016

These Babies Were Born With The Most Unusual Disorder That Shocked The Whole World

Babies need to develop inside the womb during pregnancy for nine months. During these critical times we are hoping and praying that they will grow healthy until it’s time. CLICK 1 2 3 4…. keys below to browse  Continue
21 May 2016


This Australian mother wanted to show to the women worldwide and to encourage them that they can believe in their bodies and instincts to successfully deliver a baby. in the article below you can see the whole
25 Apr 2016

The Doctor Told Her That She Should Keep The Pregnancy A Secret Because Her Baby Could Die. What Happens Next?Unbelievable!

Kate Lucas and her husband have already raised 2 children but decide to have another child. The pregnancy test is soon positive and the gynecologist jokes: “Let’s have a listen to the heartbeat and see if it’s
24 Apr 2016

People With a $exually Active Life Should be Aware of This Silent Killer

Having a $exual intercourse life is not at all a crime, but having it with multiple men/women can lead you to a destructive stage. You have to be aware of the term HIV. It takes the life
19 Apr 2016

See Reasons Why Pregnant Women Should Keep Away From Alcohol

I was on a research last week to find out effects of Alcohol and reasons why women should keep away from taking much alcohol. Below are some information I had gathered together so that women can understand